stiftung sparkasse jazzfestival
jazzfestival 2015


Les Faux Frères  

Ticket: free

Sylvain Bardiau - tr;; Laurent Dicarlo - dr;; Frédéric Gastard - sax;; Fabien Kisoka - sax;; Fabrice Lerigab - dr;; Matthias Mahler - trb;;

The “False Brothers” from France bring swing to markets, pedestrian areas, shopping centres, squares and even jazz clubs. This jazz, as the audience in South Tyrol discovered last year, is simply good fun. Les Faux Frères are now back and once again ready to spread the good mood. The playing of this sextet, driven by two drummers, makes listeners feel as if they have been transported into a film by Bosnian director Emir Kusturica. The wind instruments play rapid melody runs over pulsating beats in perfect co-ordination, developing them into extended improvisations. The versatile repertoire of this marching band, led by saxophonist Frédéric Gastard, ranges from the folk music of southeast Europe, rock and pop songs, and all the way through to jazz standards.