stiftung sparkasse jazzfestival
jazzfestival 2015


Journal Intime 

Ticket: free

Sylvain Bardiau - trp;; Frédéric Gastard - sax;; Matthias Mahler - ps;;

A journal intime (diary) is the place to record personal and private observations. This trio of wind instruments, without the rhythm provided by bass and drums, are doing something completely different. “We want to play music that we love and that we dream of” says Matthias Mahler – with everyone welcome to listen. Journal Intime have in the past been noted for their interpretation of works by rock legend Jimi Hendrix (“Lips on Fire”). Last winter, as part of the Club Series for the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige, the musicians presented their new album “Extension Des Feux” (“Spreading of Fires”), a journey through meditative and orchestral sound worlds where free jazz, rock and contemporary music meet.