stiftung sparkasse jazzfestival
jazzfestival 2015


"G7" Great European Jazz Conference  

Ticket: Normal: 18 Euro / Reduziert: 12 Euro

Matthias Schriefl - tr
Tamara Lukasheva - voc
Pauli Lyytinen – tsax
Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson – guit
David Meier - dr
Lauren Kinsella - voc
Leila Martial - voc

This is no politician’s meeting behind closed doors, rather jazz musicians from seven European countries ( France, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Island, Ireland, and Switzerland). This exclusive ‘summit’, which of course is open to anyone who’s interested, proves how the South Tyrol Jazzfestival reunites musicians wo have never played on the same stage before. The musical style is just as diverse as their origin, and you can make the most of it during this pleasant evening. One thing which stands out is the presence of three vocalist: Tamara Lukasheva from Ukraine, Lauren Kinsella from Ireland and Leila Martial, from France, sing together for the very first time. You simply can’t miss it.