#30 - Natalie Sandtorv - Eirik Havnes

"Norwegian guitarist and sound artist. Builds and destroys material": This is how Eirik Havnes, who grew up in the port town of Ålesund like Natalie Sandtorv, introduces himself on the Internet. He was trained in music technology at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Technology in Trondheim. On stage he makes use of his own technical inventions alongside other tools such as electrically amplified saw blades. His "field of work" ranges from noise concerts to contemporary art installations and innovative nature sound documentaries. His sound creations, which aren't usually associated with jazz, meet Sandtorv's voice complemented by gongs and loops. "Playful, varied, beautiful and uncompromising" is how the duo describes their music - and that fits very well with the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto AdigeSouth Tyrol Jazz Festival.

The location is in the city centre of and can be reached easily by foot
Die Location ist im Stadtzentrum und kann bequem zu Fuß erreicht werden
La location è in centro città ed è raggiungibile facilmente a piedi

Possible only for arrival/Nur Hinfahrt möglich/Possibile solo per l’andata

Südtirol2Go - AltoAdige2Go (app)
www.sii.bz.it (website)


Nearest paid parking/Näheste kostenpflichtige Parkmöglichkeit/Parcheggi a pagamento più vicini:

Luna/Mondschein P4, Walther P3, Laurin P5, Central Parking P6, Mareccio/Maretsch P7

INFO:            bit.ly/sjf_parkingbz

- Reduced ticket price/Reduzierter Eintrittspreis/Entrata ridotta
- Seat reservation/Platzreservierung/Prenotazione posto
- 1 free drink

Seat reservation has to be booked until 6 pm on the day before the concert. Limited seats!



Natalie Sandtorv (NO) - voc
Eirik Havnes (NO) - guit


Wed, 4. Jul, 11:30 PM - Museion - Bozen/Bolzano

How to get there (GoogleMaps)


Normal: 10 Euro
Reduced: 5 Euro


Dantestrasse 6 Via Dante
39100 Bozen

On foot

The Location is in the city center and can be easily reached on foot

Accessible by public transport from

BZ / ME /

Possibility of parking


Closest paid parking:

Nearest paid parking:

BZ Centre P8, Piazza Vittoria/Siegesplatz, Walther P3, Mareccio/Maretsch P7
By car from
  • Bolzano
    City center
  • Merano
    30 min.
  • Bressanone
    45 min.
  • Brunico
    70 min.

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