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27. Apr 2011

Voices of the world

All the world’s music! On 24 June the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige 2011
will be inaugurated at the Messner Mountain Museum on Sigmundskron Castle.

All the world’s music! Be part of it on June 24th when the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige 2011 will be inaugurated with an open air concert at the Messner Mountain Museum on Sigmundskron Castle in Bolzano/Bozen. The motto of the evening is “Voices of the world“, which is, of course, no coincidence. The male and female singers come from all kinds of different places and countries like Colombia, Israel, Sardinia and Senegal, just to name a few. The romantic courtyard of the castle hosts a very varied musical programme, also because many of the musicians will play together for the first time. This concert, and, come to that, the whole of the South Tyrol Jazz Festival, will be a musical cauldron bubbling over with diversity and experiment. The show in three acts will start at 8.30 p.m.

In front of the old walls of the fortress it will be a multilingual ensemble to start the show. On stage the Dutch cello virtuoso Ernst Reijseger, the Senegalese singer and multi-instrumentalist Mola Sylla, the Dutch pianist Harmen Fraanje und the five-member men’s choir from Sardinia “Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei”. It will be an unconventional mixture of styles, with classical music and modern jazz meeting the ancient Griot tradition of wandering musicians and storytellers from West Africa as well as the equally unique and virtuous secular (a tenore) and spiritual (a cuncordu) vocal music of the largest of the Mediterranean’s islands. Ernst Reijseger says of himself that he’s “always on the hunt for music, and nothing else”. In Bolzano he will definitely find what he is looking for. It is no coincidence that this crossover artist, who never shies away from any experiment, has already many times successfully worked together with Mola Sylla and the singers from Sardinia, such as, for example, for the music recordings of Werner Herzog’s film “The Wild Blue Yonder“ which was awarded the critics’ prize at the 2005 Venice Film Festival.

In the second part of the evening the harpist Edmar Castaneda, the singer and poet Andrea Tierra and the cellist and trombonist Dana Leong combine music from Latin America with the eagerness to experiment that characterises the young New York jazz scene. It is for the first time in Bolzano that this trio performs together on stage. Edmar Castaneda and Andrea Tierra were both born in Colombia and like using elements of the traditional music of their native country, Castaneda with his rhythmically virtuoso technique and Tierra with her committed lyrics. The 1980-born Dana Leong from New York incorporates everything in his music that he has heard in the past decades. And that was obviously quite a lot! At the beginning of his career the musician with Sino-Japanese origins mixed “black“ hip-hop, pop and “white“ dance music to a very individual sound. Nowadays his pieces mostly use elements from jazz and classical music.

Also the third part of the concert has a first in store for us: an exclusive meeting of different musical worlds. The Israeli singer Marina Maximilian Blumin shares the stage with the New York keyboarder Jason Lindner. The programme for this gig will only be rehearsed when the artists have arrived in South Tyrol and the result will definitely be “off-key”! On stage Marina Maximilian Blumin in her flashy outfits will switch styles from punk to popular music and chansons. Jason Lindner has been an integral part of the New York jazz scene since the 1990s and he is equally at home with traditional jazz, rhythm & blues or African music. He is urbane and always good for a surprise – just like his hometown.

Opening concert of the Südtirol Jazzfestival Altoadige 2011
Ernst Reijseger, Harmen Fraanje, Mola Sylla, Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei.
Edmar Castaneda, Andrea Tierra, Dana Leong
Jason Lindner, Marina Maximilian Blumin

24 June, Messner Mountain Museum – Sigmundskron Castle
Beginning: 8.30 p.m.


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