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About us

Jazz Music Promotion South Tyrol Alto Adige (JMP) is a non-profit cultural association which was founded in Bozen in 1982.
It was a love for music and deep desire to get things moving in the local cultural landscape which impelled founder and President Nicola Ciardi, together with a few friends, to establish the association. JMP has now been bringing contemporary and experimental music to Bozen and supporting local artists for over 30 years. Ever since its nascent days the main focus of the association has been the promotion of jazz music, culminating each year in the organisation of the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige. In addition to the festival, JMP also plans concerts in local clubs in autumn and spring and arranges the musical entertainment for other organisations and events throughout the year.

It fills us with joy to look back on our vibrant past, and to see our dynamic, ever-growing association today. Now, as always, we are motivated by the desire to support the creativity, imagination and ideas of emerging artists, and provide an important contribution to their progress. Many of the artists we have supported in the past have gone on to become famed names on the international jazz scene. Bringing artists together and creating new projects is also high on the association’s philosophy and list of priorities; One-off, unique concerts often lay the foundations for long, solid bonds between musicians and collaborations which span the decades.

The endeavours of Jazz Music Promotion are sustainable through the support of public organisations. Our voluntary efforts are backed by the participation of private sponsors, to whom we offer our sincerest of thanks. We would also like to thank everybody who, by attending our events, has made us feel that we are a valuable presence on the cultural scene in South Tyrol.

JMP Member


Klaus Widmann

Vice President

Stefan Festini Cucco

Board Member

Nicola Ciardi

Luigi Loddi

Alexandra Pan

Roberto Tubaro


Monika Ciardi

Brigitte Hofer

Katja Luterotti

Francesca Vaccari

Francesco Zanardo

Head Office

Max von Pretz

Festival Staff 2019

Festival Director, Artistic Director

Klaus Widmann

Head of Production

Roberto Tubaro

Max von Pretz

Welcome Desk Manager

Alma Zanardo

Hospitality Coordinator

Elena Beccati

Head of Logistics

Stefan Festini Cucco


Diego Baruffaldi (Operative Team BZ)

Maurice Bellotti (Operative Team BZ)

Fatima El Hajjaji (Operative Team BZ)

Anna Mongelli (Operative Team BZ)

Maurizio Pala (Operative Team BZ)

Giulia Webber (Operative Team BZ)

Monika Ciardi (Box Office)

Andrea Tezzele (Box Office)

Norbert Dalsass (Operative Team BX)

Gianluca Locolano (Operative Team BX)

Anita Ferraro (Office & Operative Assistent)

Francesco Gigliotti (Logistics)

Egidio Giuliani (Logistics)

Joseph Kiem (Logistics)

Ivan Lamprecht (Logistics)

Michaela Kargruber (Operative Team BK (Metaevents))

Claudia Pramstaller (Operative Team BK (Metaevents))

Stefano Nicli (Operative Team ME)

Elisa Venturin (Hospitality Team )

Press Office & Texts

Klaus Hartig

Press Office for D-A-CH

Angelika Schindel

Arno Schindel

Communication Consultant

succus. Kommunikation GmbH


Stefan Festini Cucco

Paolo Florio

Bonetti Peroni

Design & Communication

Roberto Tubaro


Francesco Ippolito

Günther Pichler (Coordinator)


Giafatto Entertainment

Sound, Light, Stage

Karl Dander

Elias Gamper

Audiotek Matteo Coppe

Andrea Polato

Klaus Ramoser

Julian Geier (Coordinator)


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