Project Jazz & Wine in Bressanone


One thing this trio doesn’t do is hold back, that’s for sure. This concert is an unusual splash of colour in your typical jazz programme and, at the same time, represents a fascinating journey into vocal music from Apulia and Campania. The group was founded in 1993 when Cristina Vetrone, Lorella Monti and Enza Prestia (the latter hailing from Argentina) met for the very first time. The three women wanted to bring the traditional lyrical heritage of the Italian Mezzogiorno back to life. They first consulted a musical archive and focussed on singers in the past. The result is clear for anyone to see. And hear, of course. They’ve collaborated frequently over the past years with jazz stars such as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, as well as ballet companies, actors, or theatre groups. 



Cristina Vetrone - voc, acc
Lorella Monti - voc, perc
Enza Prestia - voc, perc


Sat, 25. Jun, 1:30 PM - -

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Free entry

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BZ / ME / BX /

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