Bertl Mütter Solo - "Freiflug"

Bertl Mütter, born in 1965 in Steyr, declares, ‘Maybe you could call my music ‘slow food‘ for ears: it wants to be discovered, nearly by surprise and, whoever stumbles upon it, will be enriched beyond their wildest dreams.‘ One could define him as a staunch individualist who plays the trombone. In fact, the core of his musical performances are his solos, which include a repertoire encompassing either well-known or quite exotic pieces. Bertl Mütter worked with literary figures such as H.C. Artmann and Ernst Jandl as well as with Matthias Loibner (hurdy-gurdy). After his acclaimed ‘parlando’ soloist CD, ‘muetters muellerin’ followed in 2005, with ‘muetters dichters liebe’ appearing shortly after in 2006, the latter based on the scores by Robert Schumann and Heinrich Heine. In 2010 he released ‘mütterkinderlieder’ based on the score of Gustav Mahler’s Kindertotenliedern. 


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