CIA Silent Movie Night

on Alfred Hitchcock's THE LODGER

New York pianist and composer Peter Madsen has been leading the Collective of Improvising Artists (CIA) for over ten years in Vorarlberg. One key element in his performances is the audio accompaniment of black and white films right in front of the screen in the town of Dornbirn. Drummer Alfred Vogel, a Vorarlberg local, joined him in a duo whose CD was touted as one of the best CDs of the year by the New York Jazz Records Magazine 2013. In light of the current theme of the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige, in cooperation with the Filmclub Bolzano, they’ll be joined by a well-known acquaintance of theirs: tuba player Johannes Bär. This trio will provide the musical accompaniment in Bolzano for the British white and black film, The Lodger, directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1927. An absolute delight which will ensure a stellar cinematic and musical evening.


Peter Madsen - p
Johannes Bär - tuba
Alfred Vogel - dr


Mon, 27. Jun, 6:00 PM - -

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Normal: 15,00 Euro
Reduced: 10,00 Euro

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BZ / ME / BX /

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