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Georg Vogel, born in 1988, has been a household name on the Austrian jazz scene for quite some time now. His qualities are undisputed, his musical kinship and his openness are well-known traits. When Vogel lets his fingers glide across the keyboards of his Rhodes, Clavinet, and synthesizer, he does so in his own unique way, dipping into a variety of styles: from the classic jazz of a Thelonious Monk to new multifaceted folk music. He’s found his ideal partners for this musical vision in bassist Raphael Preuschl and drummer Michael Prowaznik. Similarly to Vogel, the other two musicians represent some of the most exciting and refreshing performers of the young jazz scene in Austria.



Georg Vogel - rhodes, clavinet
Raphael Preuschl - b
Michael Prowaznik - dr


Sat, 2. Jul, 11:00 AM - Museion Passage - Bozen/Bolzano How to get there


Normal: 15,00 Euro
Reduced: 10,00 Euro


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