Project Jazztronomy

Guerri - Hautzinger - Niggli

You should definitely have a listen to this new trio, and not just because these musicians play in a planetarium. It’s a given that this project will produce unique sounds as all three soloists have always been open to experimentation of any sort. Trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, a remarkable name in the jazz and contemporary e-music scene, will appear with them in South Tyrol. With his soloist CD, ‘Gomberg’ (2000), he showcased an unprecedented universe of sounds developed on his quarter-tone trumpet – thus positioning himself at the forefront of the improvisational avant-garde scene. In other words, Franz Hautzinger proves that you can reinvent your instrument at any given time. 



Francesco Guerri - clo
Franz Hautzinger - tr
Lucas Niggli - dr, perc


Sat, 2. Jul, 7:00 PM - -

How to get there (GoogleMaps)


Normal: 15,00 Euro
Reduced: 10,00 Euro

Accessible by public transport from

BZ / ME / BX /

Possibility of parking


By car from

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