Matthias Loibner - Lucas Niggli

You know it’s about to get exciting when these two gentlemen step onto the stage: Austrian Matthias Loibner has considerably expanded the repertoire normally available to the hurdy-gurdy, making it fit for the jazz universe. Lucas Niggli is Swiss but grew up in Cameroon where tongue drums, mbiras and rattles made a regular appearance in the musical toy box of his early years. Over the course of the last 20 years, both musicians have undertaken a journey crossing many different styles. You can hear the result of this voyage right here: Loibner and Niggli delve into a repertoire which meanders across the baroque, through the classics, and right into world folk music. There’s never a dull performance with these two: sometimes you’ll hear oriental melismas, at other times a tune vaguely reminiscent of medieval ostinati; one piece is inspired by Paganini’s etudes for violins, the other by a Bach church organ chorus. 



Matthias Loibner - hurdy gurdy, elec
Lucas Niggli - dr, perc


Sun, 3. Jul, 4:00 PM - Messner Mountain Museum Ortles - Sulden/Solda How to get there


Free entry


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