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Max Andrzejewski's Hütte & Chor gehen fremd

feat. Dan Kinzelman, Mario Rom + 6 South Tyrolean Singers

This is more than just a well-guarded secret or an extraordinary inside tip: barely any other jazz band has made so much of a splash in Germany in the last years as Max Andrzejewskis‘ ensemble, Hütte. Terms such as ‘newcomers’, ‘inside tip’, ‘talented’ or ‘the next big thing’ all roll quite easily off the tongue when it comes to musicians in their 20s, but this quartet went that extra mile and overcame the clichéd compliments with their 2012 debut album. In fact, Hütte was awarded the 2013 “Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis” (Jazz award for German rising stars). In 2014, the band released their second album and hired five vocal soloists for its recording. Dan Kinzelman and Mario Rom, as well as six South Tyrolean singers, will join the ensemble – minus their usual saxophonist – at the Lago di Fiè.



Tobias Hoffmann - guit
Andreas Lang - b
Max Andrzejewski - dr, comp
Dan Kinzelman - sax
Mario Rom - tr
Tobias Christl - voc
Friederike Merz - voc
Zola Mennenöh - voc
Laura Winkler - voc
Lea Frey - voc
Marcus Gartschock - voc
6 South Tyrolean Singers - voc

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Fri, 1. Jul, 8:30 PM - -

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