Francesco Cusa & The Assassins

Nobody has to lock their doors and throw away the keys for these ‘assassins’. Drummer Francesco Cusa, born in 1966 in Catania, founded the trio, which approaches jazz and funk in an ironic, playful, and at times provocative way, also thanks to their use of drums, trumpets, and Hammond organs. However, you should take this music seriously: the core of the pieces, composed by Cusa, are always polyrhythmic structures which underscore melodic elements, riffs and chromatic variations. Composition and improvisation meld seamlessly into a swaying tug-o-war between tension and relaxation, influenced at the same time by traditional sounds and contemporary flair.



Francesco Cusa - dr
Giovanni Benvenuti - sax
Giulio Stermieri - org
Flavio Zanuttini - tr, elec

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Tue, 28. Jun, 9:00 PM - Erhardgasse / Via S. Erardo - Brixen/Bressanone How to get there


Free entry


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