Zoe - Shardana

Young Sardinian musician Zoe Pia goes on a fascinating journey into the history of her island. The title of her project hints at this odyssey: ‘Shardana’ refers to the Sherden, the ‘Sea People’, who were first mentioned in Egyptian documentation back in 1350 BC. These pirates and mercenaries probably hailed from Sardinia and were therefore the forebears of today’s island dwellers. Zoe Pia, who not only plays jazz but was also classically trained, retraces their footsteps and stumbles upon Sardinian folk music, which figures prominently in her album. So the clarinet is joined by the launeddas, a Sardinian wind instrument which has close ties with the Egyptian single-reed instruments used during the reigns of the pharaohs.



Zoe Pia - cl, lau, elec
Roberto de Nittis - p, keys, elec (02.07.)
Luca Mannutza - p, keys, elec (03.07.)
Glauco Benedetti - tuba
Sebastian Mannutza - dr, vln


Sat, 2. Jul, 11:00 AM - -

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