#29 Kadri Voorand in Duo with Mihkel Mälgand

The 21st century vocal sound. One of the most successful Estonian bassists plays together with an exceptional Estonian singer. In 2020, Mihkel Mälgland and Kadri Voorand released their first album, which is a patchwork of vocal jazz, swinging folk and melodic pop with musical influences ranging from Joni Mitchell and Michael Jackson to Kate Bush. 


Kadri Voorand (EE) - voc, p, elec
Mihkel Mälgand (EE) - db, b, guit

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Fri, 2. Jul, 9:00 PM - Schlandersburg / Castello di Silandro - Schlanders/Silandro

How to get there (GoogleMaps)


Free entry

Schlandersburg / Castello di Silandro

Schlandersburgstraße 6 Via Castello di Silandro
39028 Schlanders / Silandro
On foot

The Location is in the city center and can be easily reached on foot

Possibility of parking


By car from
  • Bolzano
    75 min.
  • Merano
    40 min.
  • Bressanone
    110 min.
  • Brunico
    140 min.

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