#8 Nuova Generazione Jazz - Day 1

After a 7-month break due to the pandemic, the Nuova Generazione Jazz programme, organised and promoted by the I-Jazz association with the support of MIC and the contribution of NuovoIMAIE, is back at full steam. The aim is to promote young Italian musicians on a national and European level, creating new opportunities for the artists themselves and for the Italian jazz scene as a whole.
I-Jazz will present the annual Italian Jazz Showcase as part of the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige 2021 in Bolzano, with two days of concerts and meetings at the Haydn Auditorium.
The musicians involved are artists who were actually selected for the 2020 programme and for whom most concerts were cancelled or postponed due to the lockdowns.
The annual Italian Jazz Showcase allows a selection of the best young Italian jazz musicians to be presented to a wide circle of European and Italian cultural professionals, curators and promoters who come to Bolzano for the occasion. 

Bonbonniere - Auditorium / Bolzano/Bozen

#8A Francesco Fiorenzani "Silent Water"


Francesco Fiorenzani (IT) - g
Luca Sguera (IT) - p, rh, synth
Francesco Ponticelli (IT) - db
Bernardo Guerra (IT) - dr

Bonbonniere - Auditorium / Bolzano/Bozen

#8B Francesco Orio Trio


Francesco Orio (IT) - p
Simone Di Benedetto (IT) - db
Davide Bussoleni (IT) - dr

Bonbonniere - Auditorium / Bolzano/Bozen

#8C Michelangelo Scandroglio Group


Michelangelo Scandroglio (IT) - db
Michele Tino (IT) - asax
Hermon Mehari (IT) - tr
Alessandro Lanzoni (IT) - p
Bernardo Guerra (IT) - dr


Mon, 28. Jun, 10:25 AM - Bonbonniere - Auditorium - Bolzano/Bozen

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Normal: 15 Euro
KATB_P: 5 Euro
Reduced: 10 Euro


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