#24 Santa Diver

For a long time, the gentleness of its sound prevented the violin from being on a par with trumpets and saxophones. Not so nowadays. The violin also plays a leading role in this trio from Hungary, founded in 2006. Santa Diver combines jazz with world music, Balkan folk and rock riffs and with this mix creates a unmistakable sound. 


Luca Kézdy (HU) - vl
Dávid Szesztay (HU) - b
Dávid Szego (HU) - dr


Thu, 1. Jul, 9:00 PM - Rathausplatz / Piazza Municipio - Bruneck / Brunico

How to get there (GoogleMaps)


Free entry

Rathausplatz / Piazza Municipio

39031 Bruneck / Brunico
On foot

The Location is in the city center and can be easily reached on foot

Possibility of parking


By car from
  • Bolzano
    60 min.
  • Merano
    90 min.
  • Bressanone
    40 min.
  • Brunico
    City center

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